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Gia Scassera

Gia’s love for design started at a young age. She grew up in a large creative family that encouraged her to develop her own style. Her family is what fueled her creativity and allowed her to become the designer she is today.


She studied fine art throughout her schooling with a concentration in drawing and painting eventually graduating from Pratt Institute with an Interior Design Degree. Here is not only where she studied her craft, she also learned how design can aid in people’s lives, creating environments for people to enjoy and dwell in. Attending the institute allowed her to take full advantage of many trades and skills she could get my hands on; printmaking and fashion classes were some of her favorites.


Gia interned and freelanced with several Interior, Architectural, Industrial, and Textile Designers in the New York and northern New Jersey area. She then began working in the Interior Design field for two residential designers. Learning the trade in an actual setting made her realize there are real life budgets, but a good designer can pull off a beautiful setting with an imagination.


The creative outlet, collaboration and critique among these fields were so significant towards her motivation to branch out and start her own business. What really fuels her designs, is the joy when someone loves the things you make by hand, whether it’s a handbag, or a piece of art.




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